Missionary Interests

Over many years the church has actively supported the work of Christian missions, both in this country and abroad, where brothers and sisters in Christ seek to share the good news of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The church has an active interest in supporting a variety of missions including:
Birmingham City Mission
Christian Witness Stand at the Three Counties Show
Ebenezer Home in Israel
Home Evangelism – local evangelist in Worcester
Hope Now Ministries
A medical doctor in Madagascar
Mission Aviation Fellowship
A Nepali pastor
Slavic Gospel Association
A family in the Ukraine
The Smiles Foundation


We would trust that the Gospel is preached at each Sunday service; in addition it is the aim of the fellowship that every opportunity is taken to share our faith with others. As an example, the Wyche Card Group is an attempt to reach those who would not necessarily attend a more formal meeting at the church.

The Wyche Free Church is in many ways a village church, but it is sited in a holiday area, and many tourists walk on the Malvern Hills. On four or five occasions in the summer, tables with sunshades are set out across the front of the church and down its side along with numerous seats, and the church opens its facilities offering free cream teas to passers by. Not surprisingly, the majority stop for refreshment and this gives the opportunity to speak to people and to prayerfully lead the conversation to the gospel.

For dates of ‘Cream Teas’ see our ‘Forthcoming Events’ page.

We are now seeking to build on these summer events by providing ‘soup and a roll’ occasionally over the winter months.

Church magazine

Four times a year a magazine is produced and circulated to over 300 homes in the area. Many of the articles are provided by individuals from the church and seek to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. The Wyche Report (no connection with the Consumer’s Association!) is produced in time for Easter, the summer holidays, Harvest and Christmas.

wyche report

View some items from the Wyche Report.

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