Need Help?

Many people are searching for answers in their lives.

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? What is all this about? Why me?

What question are you seeking the answer to?

God’s Answer – ‘Why we need Jesus Christ’

Is humanity all that it could be? Is it all that it should be? Is there something radically wrong with us as humans? Many people in the UK are financially well-off; in fact we all have more money than previous generations. How do we use that money? We seek satisfaction in a variety of pleasures and yet we end up less contented and happy than ever!

If one of our purchases goes wrong, we return it to the people who made it. The answer to life’s problems can be found by returning to the One who made us, a return to God. Now there are many people who think that science has disproved religion, maybe you are one of them, yet there are many scientists today who believe the Bible to be literally true.

If you want to pursue these thoughts, please do make contact with us.

For a simple and clear explanation of what the bible teaches about you, God and the gospel message, check out the Two Ways To Live website.

We believe that God’s answers to the questions we ask are to be found in the Bible – we may need help in discovering these answers. For a considerable number of years the organisation ‘The Gideons’ has been placing Bibles in hotels, schools, hospitals, prisons, etc. and numerous people have turned to look for answers in these Bibles at times of need. Towards the front of each Bible or New Testament, the Gideons include a list of areas where people may be looking for help with suitable Bible passages to consult. With kind permission these ‘helps’ are listed on the Finding Help page.

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